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A journey of thousand miles begins with the first step.
As with most businesses, Daffodils too had a very humble beginning.

Starting out in a small home kitchen, personally delivering only 2-3 cakes a week, the year 2012 saw us going through the birth pangs and struggles as a new born. Back then the idea of creating a business and being where we are today wasnt even a remote thought. The only focus was on creating an unforgettable memory for our early patrons. Word of mouth has played a big part in pushing us to consistently take our next steps. I do not discount the countless hours spent on research and trials.  To keep up with the growing demand we moved to our first cloud kitchen- a 200 sq ft space with one part time chef in 2013. The orders by then had grown three fold- a modest number for sure but for us it meant validation. We were as overjoyed as a parent would seeing their baby’s first sprint.

The years after that just blinked by and we crossed one milestone after another. Our mantra has always been ‘There’s no substitute to a satisfied customer’.

We soon graduated to a 600 sq ft exclusive cake studio with state of the art equipments , a dedicated team split into execution and R&D. we are equipped to spot global trends in designs and taste to stay ahead of the curve.
One of our major hits through painstaking research was creating a white chocolate base that replaced the widely used fondant. It gave the look of fondant but the  taste of pure chocolate – a much healthier option.

For our customers, we continue to explore and expand our horizons. It has been a long road well-travelled. There are new horizons to breach every day and innovation is the key to stay ahead of competition. We strive everyday to bring richness and freshness to your dessert table.
This journey is far from over. Now the journey itself is home.