September 5, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Title Commis I/Commis II/ Commis III
Department / Division
Position reports to
Sous Chef
External Interface
(Enlist external agencies/authorities that you are required to deal with while discharging your duty)
Minimum Qualification
(i.e education, training etc.) • NA

Minimum Experience
• Around 1-5 years in the hotel & restaurant industry
Special Skills/Attributes
(required for performing the job effectively)
Overall Purpose/Objective
Of the job
Trains, supervises and controls the work of the kitchen personnel in their sections (where applicable). Maintains high standards of food preparation and service in the appointed kitchen(s), according to the standards set by the Management.

Key Responsibilities
(List major responsibilities, that you have, to achieve the key objectives) 1. General Knowledge
• Thorough knowledge of the establishment’s facilities and personnel involved

• Good knowledge of food service techniques and menu contents

2. Communication
• Contributes and works as a team in the general operations of the kitchen(s), offering to assist fellow colleagues when required

• Maintains a professional and friendly attitude towards guests during contact
3. Grooming
• Ensures a clean, professional appearance according to hotel grooming standards
4.Hygiene and Food Safety Management
• Acquainted and familiar with the use of all electrical and mechanical equipment in the kitchen and observes the safety precautions when handling them

• Practices the hygiene and sanitation procedures set by the restaurant when handling food

5.Cost Control
• Ensures proper use and cleaning of equipment in order to prolong the use and prevent damage

• Practices economy where food, paper supplies, electricity and water are concerned

• Maintains strict control on food portioning and wastage, ensuring gross food profitability