Restaurant Manager

March 18, 2024
50000  / month
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Job Description

Job Description / Responsibilities:
 Manage the day-to-day operations.
 Create new concepts or themes for restaurant and party functions.
 Plan promotional activities and events to improve sale.
 Plan budget and control cost.
 Oversee to ensure guests are provided outstanding service.
 Direct to ensure restaurant & bar operations are operating as per organization policies.
 Direct in ordering supplies and inventory control.
 Ensure food hygiene, health and safety among staff and guests service.
 Provide guidance and training to team members.
 Handle guest and staff issues.
 Ensure operations are staffed with trained competent individuals.
 Maintain all liquor regulation as per hotel / government rules.
 Follow government guidelines for proper and safe food service.
 Oversee to control wastage and theft in the working and service area.
 Generate daily, weekly, monthly sale and variance reports.

Restaurant Manager