Outlet Incharge

November 2, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

1. Operations Management  Oversee the smooth functioning of all departments, including cashier, counter, parcel, kitchen, and housekeeping.  Ensure adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each department.  Monitor daily operations to maintain efficiency and high-quality service.
2. Staff Management and Training  Recruit, train, and develop a skilled and motivated team.  Provide ongoing training and support to staff members, ensuring they understand their roles and responsibilities.  Conduct regular performance evaluations and address any performance issues or training needs. • Maintaining of fine log books.
3. Inventory Management  Maintain minimum inventory levels to meet operational requirements.  Collaborate with the Store Incharge to communicate inventory requirements and monitor stock levels.  Ensure proper stock rotation and minimize wastage. 4. Customer Service  Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by providing excellent service and addressing customer concerns.  Monitor and respond to customer feedback and reviews.  Train Team members on customer service best practices and ensure they adhere to them.
5. Financial Management and cost control  Monitor cash handling procedures and ensure accuracy in cash management.  Review daily sales reports and reconcile with cash collections.  Assist in budgeting and cost control measures.  Review daily sales of zomato Swiggy Dotpe and cross check it with pos • Highlighting management of any other expenditure which could reduce the costs further 1. Quality Control and Food Safety  Ensure compliance with food safety and hygiene standards.  Monitor the quality of food preparation and presentation.  Conduct regular audits to maintain cleanliness and sanitation standards. 2. Reporting and Communication  Generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports on sales, inventory, and operational performance.  Communicate with the management team on operational updates, challenges, and recommendations.
3. Staff Scheduling and Roster Management  Review and manage the weekly staff roster to ensure adequate staffing levels to meet operational requirements.  Consider factors such as peak hours, seasonal demand, and staff availability while creating the roster.  Communicate the roster to the team members in advance and ensure their compliance with the assigned shifts.  Monitor and address any scheduling conflicts or staffing issues, making necessary adjustments as needed.

Restaurant Manager