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About Rashmi Uday Singh – Founder & CEO

Rashmi Uday Singh is an award-winning author of 40 foodbooks & TV host. Trailblazing with India’s first city-restaurant guide and the world’s first vegetarian guide to Paris, Hospitality hope is her most recent #worldsfirst. Having majored in English literature, journalism, masters in management Rashmi worked in the Indian Revenue Service & after 15 years resigned as Commissioner of tax. She was invited to start the weekly column for the Times of india s Independant & to do a TV Show for the India Today group . Having trained at the BBC London and has presented numerous international and national culinary shows, earning her knighthood from the French government. She has contributed to esteemed publications such as The Hindu, Travel & Leisure, Vogue, and many more, and also founded successful ventures such as Rashmi Uday Singh’s Good Food Academy and Good Food Galerie. From countless columns to social media posts, her dedication to sharing the joy of food is unmatched.
Amid her courageous battle with cancer and countless hospital visits, she took time to build the structure of her passion project HOSPITALITY HOPE…for her beloved hospitality family, where opportunities where dreams check in and success checks out.


Forever grateful to my awesome advisors in chief for making this job portal a reality. * Kevin Joshi * Pallavi Sangtani *Hardik Shah *Nikhila Palat *Shafquat Ali *Kevin Chan (aka FineDiningExp) *Ssidharth Kapur *Sahil Mathur. Forever grateful for your wise counsel & dedicated probono nonstop effort.

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