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The word TRANCE denotes a certain heightened level of enchantment, an experience leading to salvation. At Trance Hotels this is exactly what we are aiming for – to take our guests to a higher level of perfection in hospitality and comfort, that is based on our six principles:

In many ways Trance Hotels is the perfect amalgamation of the old with the new, keeping in mind the ethos of its founders, father-son duo, Veer Vijay Singh and Suryaveer Singh. Representing the old values of hoteliering with the enthusiasm of modern service standards, at Trance we believe that guests should not have to choose between Business and Luxury, but get the best of both worlds. With this as one of our founding principles we concluded that one of the things every guest wants in a hotel is the feeling of comfort, therefore our strong emphasis on ‘wellness,’ something that translates into every sphere of the Trance experience.