Sous Chef / Head Chef

September 5, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Title
Sous Chef/ Head Chef

Department / Division


Position reports to

Executive Chef
External Interface
(Enlist external agencies/authorities that you are required to deal with while discharging your duty)
Kitchen Stewarding
Minimum Qualification
(i.e education, training etc.)
Apprenticeship/ Hotel Management Graduate

Minimum Experience

Minimum 6 Yrs.
Special Skills/Attributes
(required for performing the job effectively) Creative & Innovative
Understanding of various cooking methods, ingredients, equipment and procedures

Overall Purpose/Objective
Of the job To maintain a high standard of all food preparation and service in respective kitchens, according to the standards required by the management.

Key Responsibilities
(List major responsibilities, that you have, to achieve the key objectives)
1. Operations
• Ensuring high culinary standards are met
• Writing food menu and creating recipes
• Check the quality of food prepared with regard to taste, temperature & freshness.
• Ensure uniform visual appearance of all dishes prepared. Presentation and garnish as per standards
• Responsible for food cost of the outlet.
• Ensure all food item are prepared as per standard recipe , whilst maintain portion control and minimizing waste
• Ensure food stock levels are maintained as per the standards.
• To check stores and refrigerators and be responsible for the proper storing and recycling of leftovers
• Responds to and handles guest complaints.

2. Hygiene and Sanitation / Maintenance
• Liase and work closely with the chef for pre-planning and execution of delivery and cleanliness of equipment
• To check all machinery, ensure proper maintenance and usage of the equipment, and follow up with engineering on work order forms.
• Ensures that staff follow the hygiene and sanitation procedures when handling food / equipment / utensils
• To ensure that working areas, working tables, working utensils such as carving boards, slicer, mixers, blenders, cutters, woks, pots, pans etc. are cleaned and sanitised as per policy
• To ensure that the refrigerators and deep freezers, ceiling, walls, floors and shelving etc. are clean at all times
• To check drawers, under-counter refrigerators and reach-in refrigerators to ensure that they are clean, and the contents are always fresh and dated
• To monitors that exhaust hoods, stoves, ovens, salamanders, deep freezers, steamers, filters, boiling pans, bain marie, hot and cold cabinets etc. are spotless and cleaned on a daily basis
3. Communication
• To co-ordinate, in detail on the Restaurant / food production, and all specific duties to employees under his supervision
• To check all set-ups for restaurant functions. Responsible for the correct timing during service.
• Ensures smooth and effective communication among the kitchens and with other departments
4. Staffing
• To report to the Executive / Head Chef on all staff and operation matters
• To monitor staff schedules for the assigned outlets.
• Monitors / approves staff change of shifts, staff leave etc.
• To conduct section / departmental meetings
• Responsible for staff daily briefing
• To provide a positive environment for all the member in the team to perform effectively.
5. Training / Development
• To conduct training for staff to develop their skills / new menu items
• Train employees to restaurants and kitchen standards
• To ensure that staff are trained on fire and safety, emergency procedures and hygiene