Head Chef

September 20, 2023
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Job Description

We are hiring for the position of a Head Chef. This role will involve overseeing all culinary operations and ensuring the delivery of high-quality, seasonally inspired dishes. The head chef will also be responsible for managing the kitchen team, working closely with the restaurant’s management to create menus based on local and seasonal ingredients, maintaining food quality and safety standards and collaborating closely with the front-of-house staff to provide an exceptional dining experience.

The candidate must note that seasonality underlines our menu and we are working on dishes and recipes that highlight and maximise the use of indigenous ingredients. As a result, we are looking for a chef with a deep understanding of several cuisines (Indian, Asian, European etc.) as well as one who has an interest in working with local produce. It will be their responsibility to showcase the essence of the local food landscape and provide our customers with an exceptional culinary experience that reflects that flavours and freshness of each season.


As the head chef, you will…

– Lead, coordinate and prepare dishes according to established recipes and standards. Ensure all ingredients are sourced from reliable local suppliers and meet the highest quality standards.

– Stay informed about the availability of seasonal ingredients and adjust menu offerings accordingly. Collaborate with local farmers and other suppliers to source the freshest and most sustainable ingredients.

– Train and guide the staff in proper cooking techniques, presentation and portion sizes to maintain consistency and quality.

– Manage day-to-day operations of the kitchen (such as inventory, budget control, staff scheduling) and ensure correct standards are maintained consistently. Address any concerns promptly and take corrective action as needed.

– Implement effective storage and rotation systems to minimise waste and maintain ingredient quality.

– Manage kitchen resources efficiently and ensure proper equipment maintenance, cleanliness and organisation.

– Maintain a positive work environment that encourages team work and creativity. Provide guidance and support to team members that will help them enhance their skills and knowledge.

– Ensure safety compliance with all relevant regulations including proper food storage, handling and sanitation practices. Must pay close attention to detail in preparation, presentation and quality of food being served.

– Work closely with the front-of-house staff to ensure smooth operations and excellent customer service.

– Collaborate on dietary restrictions and special requests to provide a personalised dining experience to the customers.

– Communicate effectively with other departments and senior management to address concerns, provide updates and contribute to the vision of the gastronomic centre.

The Candidate Must Possess…

– A formal culinary education such as a degree or diploma in culinary arts.

– Extensive (6-8 years) experience in professional kitchens is crucial, including experience in
different kitchen station and progressive levels of responsibility.

– Training in different cuisines with good knowledge of local and indigenous produce and a deep
understanding of Indian regional cuisines.

– Familiarity with various cooking methods, equipment and processes.

– Ability to multitask and work efficiently while managing time well.

– Must possess the physical stamina required to perform essential functions of the kitchen for an
extended period of time.

– Flexibility and adaptability.

– A creative mindset to develop innovative menus along with the ability to experiment.