Executive Chef Continental

October 3, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Description: Executive Chef.

Position: Executive Chef
Location: Olive Beach Restaurant Bangalore, India

We are seeking an experienced and highly skilled Executive Chef to oversee the culinary operations of our restaurant. The Executive Chef will be responsible for managing the kitchen staff, creating and developing innovative menus, ensuring consistent food quality, and maintaining high standards of kitchen hygiene and safety. The ideal candidate should have a passion for culinary excellence, strong leadership abilities, and the ability to drive the restaurant & culinary vision while ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction.
(I) Responsibilities:

1. Menu Planning and Development:

Develop creative and appealing menus that align with the restaurant’s concept and target audience.
Regularly update menus to incorporate seasonal ingredients and culinary trends while ensuring cost-effectiveness.
2. Kitchen Management:

Oversee the day-to-day kitchen operations, ensuring smooth functioning and adherence to food preparation standards.
Monitor kitchen staff performance, provide training, and set performance goals.
Maintain inventory of kitchen supplies and equipment, and ensure their proper maintenance.
3. Quality Control and Food Safety:

Ensure consistent food quality and presentation, maintaining the highest standards of taste and appearance.
Implement food safety protocols and hygiene standards, following local health regulations.
4. Cost Control and Budgeting:

Manage kitchen expenses, including food and labor costs, to meet budgetary guidelines.
Implement cost-saving measures without compromising quality or service.
5. Team Leadership:

Lead and inspire the kitchen team, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.
Conduct regular team meetings to address concerns, communicate expectations, and share feedback.
6. Vendor Management:

Source and manage relationships with quality suppliers, ensuring timely and fresh ingredient deliveries.
7. Menu Costing and Pricing:

Calculate food costs for menu items, considering portion sizes and ingredient prices.
Determine menu item pricing that is competitive and aligns with the restaurant’s target market.
8. Culinary Trends and Innovation:

Stay updated with industry trends, new cooking techniques, and emerging ingredients to enhance the menu offerings.
(II) Qualifications:

Proven experience as an Executive Chef or Head Chef in a reputable restaurant chain or luxury hotel.
Culinary diploma or degree from a recognized culinary institute.
In-depth knowledge of various cuisines, cooking techniques, and international culinary trends.
Strong leadership and organizational skills, with the ability to manage a diverse kitchen team effectively.
Excellent communication skills to interact with staff, management, and customers.
A passion for culinary creativity and a commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.
Familiarity with food safety regulations and best practices.
Strong problem-solving abilities and adaptability to fast-paced environments.